The 2018 China Kids Fun Expo was held in Shanghai during 19th-20thOctober,during which toy brands from all over the world were invited here to share and communicate. As a toy brand of aesthetic education, Robud will never miss such a parent-child carnival. Apart from more than 200 toy brands, there were also a lot of parent-child activities. Major events are as follows:

1.Raiders of the Lost Ark

It was one of the most popular activities in this Expo, children needed to be accompanied to get the treasure map. According to the map, pass each toy level and you would be able to receive gold coins to claim prizes. So that children could take their beloved toys homes after great fun.






2.Guinness World Records Challenge

In 2018 China Kids Fun Expo, it upgraded a lot with challenge projects increasing from 5 to 10! The whole process was supervised, checked and certified by the Certification Officer of Guinness World Records!

3.Family work

For this activity, participants should be in the form of family, Which can not only exercise children’s courage and communication skills but also promote communication and cooperation between parents and children.

4.Growth studio

In this activity, children took photos with various IP cartoon characters,which could be recorded into their growth album.




5.JD online Expo

During the China Kids Fun Expo, China Toy& Juvenile Products Association, the sponsor of the Expo, cooperated with JD Maternal and Infant stores and built an online Expo to provide online shopping service.

In addition, there are plenty of toys for children to play, including Super Light Clay Dinosaur Park, Super Light Clay Imagination Set, Multifunctional Dot-to-Dot Book, Sticker Pad and new Silky Crayon.

How do you like the 2018 China Kids Fun Expo? Welcome to join us next year!

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